Japan Today, launched in September 2000, is a Tokyo-based online newspaper, featuring all the latest news on Japan and the world, including national, political, entertainment, business, technology and sports news. Japan Today publishes original content, including interviews with celebrities and business executives, and translations of pop culture articles from popular Japanese magazines and newspapers. As one of the first online news media featuring comment/forum functions, Japan Today’s aim is to provide news and discussion on domestic and international issues. Our goal is to build our resources and content to allow readers to further understand important events and issues in Japan and the world. We are happy to have you with us and we hope that you will support us as we grow by inviting your colleagues and friends to join our community.
photo by All News from Tokyo photo by All News from Tokyo

The Asahi Shinbun

Company Name: The Asahi Shimbun Company Business Areas Publication of daily newspapers and other services First Issued On January 25, 1879 Owners Michiko Murayama Representatives Masataka Watanabe, President, and Chief Executive Officer Newspaper in English and Japanese language
photo by Asahi Shinbun photo by Asahi Shinbun

The Mainichi

The Mainichi Shimbun (毎日新聞, Mainichi Shimbun, literally "Daily News") is one of the major newspapers in Japan, published by The Mainichi Newspapers Co, Ltd In addition to the Mainichi Shimbun, which is printed twice a day in several local editions, Mainichi also operates an English language news website called The Mainichi (previously Mainichi Daily News) and publishes a bilingual news magazine, Mainichi Weekly. It also publishes paperbacks, books and other magazines, including a weekly news magazine, Sunday Mainichi.
photo by The Mainichi photo by The Mainichi

The Japan News

The Japan News is an English-language daily published by The Yomiuri Shimbun a leading Japanese newspaper with the largest circulation in the nation. Launched in 1955, the English paper was long known as The Daily Yomiuri. It changed to its current name in April 2013 as part of a major renewal of the newspaper’s content. Our mission is to offer the latest and most reliable information about Japan to the world. Drawing on The Yomiuri Shimbun’s broad news coverage network, we are an excellent source of both domestic and foreign news. The Japan News has also a partnership with The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and The Times of London. Asia News Network, a network of 22 media groups in Asian cities, includes The Yomiuri Shimbun and The Japan News as its only members from Japan.
photo by The Japan News photo by The Japan News

Tokyo Weekender

Tokyo Weekender magazine is the oldest English publication in Japan. Founded in 1970 by Corky Alexander and Susan Scully, Tokyo Weekender was first published bi-monthly. Now Tokyo Weekender is published monthly and is distributed in embassies, luxury hotels, shops, stations and airports.
photo by Tokyo Weekender photo by Tokyo Weekender


NHK World-Japan is a Japanese state-owned international broadcaster owned by NHK. The service is aimed at the overseas market, similar to BBC World News, CNN International, TRT World, Arirang TV, Al Jazeera, DW, France 24, and RT, and broadcast through satellite and cable operators throughout the world as well as online and through its mobile apps. The channel is based in Tokyo, Japan. NHK World-Japan provides three services: NHK World Radio Japan, NHK World TV, and NHK World Premium. NHK World also makes most of its programming available through an online version of the television channel. NHK World-Japan was rebranded from NHK World in April 2018

Kyodo News

Kyodo News (共同通信社, Kyōdō Tsūshinsha) is a nonprofit cooperative news agency based in Minato, Tokyo. It was established in November 1945 and it distributes news to almost all newspapers, and radio and television networks in Japan. The newspapers using its news have about 50 million subscribers. K. K. Kyodo News is Kyodo News' business arm, established in 1972.[1] The subdivision Kyodo News International, founded in 1982, provides over 200 reports to international news media and is located in Rockefeller Center, New York City.[
photo by Kyodo News photo by Kyodo News