• Chabacco
    Food,  Only in Tokyo Japan

    Introducing Chabacco

    Introducing Chabacco, the tea that invites laughter into every cup and was conceived with the motto of “Let’s make fun of the world.” This innovative tea comes in a convenient stick form, eliminating…

  • Hakone

    The “black eggs” of Owakudani, Hakone

    The “black eggs” of Owakudani, located in the Hakone region of Japan, are a popular delicacy and tourist attraction. Owakudani, which translates to “Great Boiling Valley,” is a volcanic valley with active sulfur…

  • Miso

    Best Miso in Japan

    Japan is known for its diverse and high-quality miso (fermented soybean paste) varieties, each with unique flavors and characteristics. The “best” miso can vary based on personal preference and the specific dish you’re…