sakura blossom in japan

Cherry blossoms in Japan

When is the best time to witness cherry blossoms in Japan?

The prime month to observe cherry blossoms in Japan is April, during the peak of their bloom. However, as early as March, the blossoms may already be in full swing, creating an enchanting spectacle.

What is the duration of cherry blossoms in Japan?

Typically, cherry blossoms grace the landscape for a span of 10 to 14 days. While certain varieties may endure beyond this period, the widely spread Yoshino cherries, prevalent across Japan, usually linger for around 14 days.

When can one expect cherry blossoms to bloom in Japan in 2024?

Cherry blossoms typically begin their bloom in March across most regions of Japan, lasting for approximately two weeks. Since the full bloom phase is fleeting, careful timing of your visit is essential.

According to the latest forecast for cherry blossoms in 2024, Tokyo anticipates the start of flowering on March 21, a few days earlier than the previous year, with full bloom expected on March 28.

As the cherry blossom season approaches, further updates from the Japan Meteorological Corporation will be forthcoming.

Will there be a cherry blossom festival in 2024?

Absolutely! Japan has fully reopened its borders to foreign tourists, allowing for the resumption of activities such as cherry blossom festivals since last year. Typically occurring between late March and mid-April, or even early May, these festivals, known as ‘Hanami,’ take place in a variety of settings such as riversides, parks, roadsides, mountainsides, gardens, temples, shrines, business districts, and more. It is advisable to stay informed and plan accordingly for these vibrant celebrations.

Here are cherry blossom flowering and blooming dates in Japan for 2024 released by Japan Meteorological Corporation:

  • Kochi – Flowering on March 19; Full bloom on March 27

  • Fukuoka – Flowering on March 21; Full bloom on March 30

  • Tokyo – Flowering on March 21; Full bloom on March 28

  • Hiroshima – Flowering on March 23; Full bloom on April 1

  • Nagoya – Flowering on March 19; Full bloom on March 29

  • Osaka – Flowering on March 25; Full bloom on April 1

  • Kyoto – Flowering on March 22; Full bloom on March 31

  • Kanazawa – Flowering on March 29; Full bloom on April 5

  • Sendai – Flowering on April 2; Full bloom on April 8

  • Sapporo – Flowering on April 30; Full bloom on May 3

  • Wakayama – Flowering on March 22; Full bloom on March 30

  • Kagoshima – Flowering on March 29; Full bloom on April 9

  • Aomori – Flowering on April 17; Full bloom on April 21

  • Nagano – Flowering on April 3; Full bloom on April 9

    Japan sakura days
    Japan sakura blossom days


Best cherry blossom spots in Japan

If you’re traveling to Japan, cherry blossoms are everywhere! Here are the best cherry blossoms to see in Japan:

  • Chidorigafuchi (Tokyo)

  • Nakameguro River Park (Tokyo)

  • Philosopher’s Path (Kyoto)

  • Osaka Castle Park (Osaka)

  • Lake Kawaguchiko or Fuji Five Lakes (Yamanashi)

  • Hirosaki Castle (Aomori)

  • Himeji Castle (Hyogo)

  • Mitsuike Koen (Kanagawa)

  • Mount Yoshinoyama (Nara)

  • Nijukken Road (Hokkaido)

In conclusion, for an optimal spring vacation in Japan, meticulous trip planning is key. Keep a close eye on the cherry blossom 2024 forecast to stay informed about the progression of their budding and blooming activities, ensuring you make the most of this enchanting season.

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